Students' health and safety are the most crucial prerequisites for a successful education. Şahinkaya Education Institutions aim to offer all its services with this understanding in mind.


Our meal lists are prepared in the form of monthly menus under the supervision of a food engineer to be published on our website for our parents' information


Our health unit consists of a 2-bed examination room as well as an intervention room and it has the medical equipment necessary for examination and emergency intervention.


There are shuttle attendants in every shuttle and they help our children to get on and off the shuttle. Our vehicles accept students to the vehicle according to the number of seats available, all equipped with seat belts, and students are required to put on a seat belt.


At the entrance gates, the visitors are monitored. Guests arriving at our school are given a visitor card in return for a valid ID card.

The department that the visitor is going to see is contacted beforehand and the visitor is guided to the department.