Within the framework of the philosophy of Şahinkaya Educational Institutions, psychological counseling and guidance department aims at helping our students know and understand themselves.

Psychological Counseling and Guidance

Psychological Counseling and Guidance department conducts their activities based on the action plan approved by the Ministry of National Education, in cooperation with students, parents, and teachers; based on respect and confidentiality. In the activities conducted, rational, emotive and behavioural methods that put the individual in the centre. Our guidance department monitors and evaluates the physical, psychological and social development of our students, and it deals with each student individually and provides support to students.

What our Guidance department does:

In order to get to know and evaluate students, various inventories with formal and informal techniques are employed depending on the age groups.

Students are informed on efficient studying methods so as to help them gain correct studying skills.

Teachers are guided in terms of how to implement the target development qualities determined for students into different education methods.

Individual and group activities are carried out in order to support students' sense of empathy, and these activities are carried out with games, drama and interaction groups.

It is ensured that the values within the framework of character development are handled accordingly by the whole school depending on the age groups.

Individual interviews are conducted with all parents.

Psychological Counseling and Guidance