The shuttle services we have offered our students as Şahinkaya Educational Institutions have continued to grow with ever-increasing quality standards since 2007. The shuttle service offered by our school is provided by ŞENGÜZEL TUR and our student shuttles compass a wide network including all the central districts of Bursa.

Understanding the needs and expectations of the students and staff we serve, ensuring a healthy, hygienic and luxuries transportation by using new technologies, preventing possible malfunctions by overseeing the regular maintenance and checks of our vehicles, and sustaining the high service quality as well as coming up with solutions to possible problems are amongst our priorities.

We have shuttle guides available in our vehicles so that our students can commute to and from their school safely. Our vehicles accept students to the vehicle according to the number of seats available, all equipped with seat belts, and students are required to put on a seat belt. The drivers that work in our shuttles receive regular in-service training about safe driving. The delivery of students to their families and picking them up from their homes are accompanied by the shuttle guides at all times.