The purpose of Şahinkaya Educational Institutions Health Centre is to increase the health capacity of the students and employees, to prevent potential harm to the employees and students due to the school environment, to ensure the harmony between the employees and work, the students and educational activities.

Şahinkaya Education Institutions aim to offer all its services with this understanding in mind. It is of great importance for us to ensure that our students are healthy as well as to ensure their academic lives. The school period is a very special period in which significant changes in one's life take place. Because school-age children grow up and thrive rapidly. The health problems experienced during this period affect one's whole life and it is easier in this period to prevent the growth and development of disorders that are detected early.

We have a health service in our school in order to respond to the health problems of our students immediately and to take the necessary precautions.

In the event of an emergency where there is a need for immediate intervention, the student is brought to the nearest health centre or hospital, under the supervision of the nurse and the deputy principal. And parents are always informed. In cases where parents cannot be reached, the school tries to fulfill the medical requirements. If the students in small age groups in particular need to take medication regularly, the student delivers the medication and prescription to the nurse when he/she comes to school. The parent must write the student's name, surname, class and branch as well as the time and dose of the medication on the box or the bottle of the medication.

The forms that are sent to the parent to fill so as to learn about the general health information of the students at the beginning of each school year are filed by the school nurse.

In the case of infectious diseases, the parent has to inform the school administration. It is crucial that students do not come to school until the time suggested by their health reports so that we can ensure the health of both the student in question and his/her classmates.