Psychological Counseling Centre


Our Psychological Counseling Centre consists of an expert psychologist and 8 counselors who are Psychological Counseling and Guidance graduates. Two guidance counselors for each term spend time with students and observe their academic progress as well as their social relationships.

Necessary action is taken in accordance with the needs of students as well as their families. All actions taken are reported and processed into the online system. Our goal is to raise students who know themselves, are aware of their interests and talents, are psycho-socially, cognitively and emotionally healthy, and have good communication skills.

The centre applies forms and inventories appropriate for the development of students and carries out individual interviews with students on topics such as academic achievement, learning problems, social harmony, mother-father-child communication, developing a positive behaviour, dealing with exam anxiety, anger management, conflict resolution skills, psychological problems, development of social skills, efficient working methods and effective communication, and Seminars are organised for parents within the scope of "Chats Among Us"

Some of the topics for our seminars are Internet and Internet Usage, Exam Stress, Anger Management and Conflict, Study Methods.