At Şahinkaya College Middle School, an applied and detailed education program is implemented so as to manage the process starting from 5th grade.


Our curriculum is planned to be completed by the second week of April so that the subjects that are taught until that point can be supported through revisions until the end of the semester.

Aimed at developing desired behaviours in their studies as well as in sports and arts, Şahinkaya Academic Program allows students to fulfil their development in all aspects. We aim to achieve the highest level of success with our teachers who are experts in their field and who can approach students with the right pedagogical methods. Our activities are carried out between 8.30-17.00 on weekdays. In the program, students are prepared at the highest level so that academic studies can be carried out based on the development methods in accordance with the active learning.

The ever-developing and improving academic programs are supported through various studies by our expert teachers with the highest level of competence in teaching. Our education program is designed in accordance with the active learning programs in a class environment designed in the most efficient teaching methods. Our activity hours are planned as 4 hours per week. Our activity lessons are programmed according to the requests and abilities of our students. With these studies, the aim is to raise happy and highly-motivated students.

In accordance with their needs, private lessons are carried out for students who need additional academic support; between 17:15-19:00 on Tuesdays and Wednesdays for 5th and 6th grades, on Monday and Thursday for our 7th grade students.

Focusing intensively on English studies, our Saturday program controls the level at which the subjects are consolidated and it is geared towards 5th and 6th grade students.  The academic knowledge of our students is measured by the MLGS (Mini Entrance Exam for High Schools) between 09:00 and 13:00. Subsequently, the planning is completed after the exam questions for each branch is checked and the guidance and English lessons are completed.

7th and 8th grade students attend the course program between 09:00-15:00. For the 7th and 8th grades, Monthly Group Placement Exams (GBS) applied on Sundays provide fully-informed and programmed monitoring over students' progress within the system.


Aiming for success and achievement, our school adopts a strong LGS program starting from 7th grade. By following the changing and developing exam system closely, a constantly updated program is followed.

The 8th grade program is applied all week between 08:30-18:45. Branch lessons taught during class are revised at the desk. The aim of our private lesson program is to ensure that the subjects covered in the classroom are revised and consolidated with more examples. For example, 13 hours of Mathematics thought in the classroom is supported by 4 hours of private lessons so that the subjects can be revised. Our evening studies begin with the Night Bird program 8 weeks before LGS. Our students stay at school until 21:30 and continue solving their questions. 
With the awareness that we are raising the future of tomorrow, our aim is to raise children who are well-equipped in every aspect, creative, questioning, curious, sophisticated, self-confident and global citizens. In addition to academic studies, we organise various activities in order to raise multi-faceted individuals who are also successful in sports. Some of these activities are carried out under the title of Mod 365.



Children's Olympics

Science Festival

21 December Longest Night Film Event

Over the Head Chats


Poetry Audition

Calligraphy Competition

I Know

3 Days 3 Nights