In this program, it is easy to discover perception, skills and creative power as well as to create surfaces starting from a single point.


The aim is to help our children gain the ability to express themselves through rhythm by improving their improvisation skills based on different rhythm groups for children in kindergarten and primary school. They will have the opportunity to learn percussion instruments by using orf training method. Little Şahinkaya children sing, singing, move, learn the rhythms of the world, and keep up with the music and rhythm through a creative training program. The program also improves self-confidence, language skills, collaboration, improvisation, creativity and musical skills.


We support each child's development in the best environment that suits their nature. We conduct activities to help them gain skills such as interaction within the group, recognising themselves and the environment, and expressing their problems. This year, with this program, they will perform small performances on topics such as the right to play and the grandfather's childhood stories.


In this program, it is easy to discover perception, skills and creative power as well as to create surfaces starting from a single point. How about learning the most fun drawing techniques?


Little painters wonderland workshop is the way to learn painting techniques while having fun. Wouldn't you like to paint on water, shape colorful foams and meet the magic paper? The most interesting techniques await you here.


In this course, while Şahinkaya children have the opportunity to learn about the painters from the past and present, their lives and their works through role-playing, we also allow them to add their own interpretations to the artworks of these artists.


We introduce our students to mud in the mini hands in the mud course. This course, which strengthens fine motor skills, also introduces them to the art of ceramics-sculpture. It is a fun course that improves creativity in order to bring the ability to perceive three dimensions, imagination and analogy to the forefront.


The swimming program at Şahinkaya starts at the age of 4 and involves water games. In today's world, swimming is considered a compulsory social skill and it is an important part of the sports program as a branch that can be safely carried out from small age groups throughout their lives. Swimming training, which is a mandatory part of the program in kindergarten and primary education, continues in the clubs and swimming team for students who are interested in swimming.


While little Şahinkaya students learn what they can do with their bodies, they also physically discover the world around them. They have a wide range of opportunities to learn about their physical capacity and limits when moving, doing gymnastics or playing in the garden. For this age group, the sports program aims to teach the art of setting themselves free and control their bodies. Within these game-based courses, little Şahinkaya students will develop their motor skills, get to know the sports discipline and reinforce their sense of cooperation in teamwork. At Şahinkaya, the aim is to let students show their abilities in the most comfortable way, discover their talents in a free environment and to do it while having fun so that they can develop a love of sports.


The sports program at Şahinkaya focuses on gymnastics for this age group so that they can further develop the sports skills they develop in physical education classes in the following years individually. Gymnastics training allows children to maintain body flexibility and provides even muscle development. A strong physical foundation is created during these years so that the little Şahinkaya children can confidently and freely participate in other sports branches in the future.


Physical education program takes into account the physical development of children in this age group and is implemented in a way that would allow each Şahinkaya student to succeed. At Şahinkaya, it is the main objective for each child to participate in the activities and to develop their sports skills at the same time in a way that is free from all kinds of pressure and at their own pace. This program focuses on 3 main objectives. The first objective is that the student knows themselves and their body and that they feel good about this awareness. Trainers teach students to take safe risks, take action and solve problems. The second objective is that students discover their skills and strategies in gymnastics, group games, and sports and learn how to compete. The third objective is social learning. Şahinkaya student discovers how to become a fair athlete and comply with the rules of fair play, sports ethics, and give the right reaction whether they win or lose.


Just to spite those who turn up their noses to technology, Şahinkaya children benefit from the facilities of the technology they use and they become the explorers of the new digital environment. With the applications focusing on mathematical and analytical thinking, this course teaches how to use the mouse to give commands via right click, left click, double click, drag and drop as well as the logic of using the keyboard via the letters and the direction keys like right, left, up and down. Şahinkaya children are getting ready to surprise you by sending e-mails with digital pictures!


We train the scientists of the future by organising mini projects. Şahinkaya students apply the theories that they learn in class by enacting the rules themselves.  In the small age group, children who store the scientific laws in their visual memory prepare to make a difference in the field of science in the future.