In our kindergarten, the 5 and 6-year-old children are given pre-school education. The aim of our pre-school education program is to support the physical, mental, emotional and social development of our children, to provide basic skills, to help them express themselves, develop positive sense of self, and gain self-control, and most importantly, to train 'Happy Individuals'.

Our kindergarten curriculum consists of a synthesis of international programs. Studies enriched with programs such as Reggio Emilia project-based learning program, High/Scope and experience-based learning program and GEMS science training are carried out.

With project studies, learning environments are created for students to get interested in learning and research as well as to detect the cause and effect relationships.

In classrooms of 18 children and in learning environments enriched with two class teachers and a branch teacher, students learn how to communicate with different people and they are prepared for life.


DRAMA-BASED PLAY TIME: Providing students with learning and play environment in which they can actively participate, the aim is to let them play planned games that would help them gain interest, experience and abilities, increase their aesthetic pleasures and environmental awareness as well as help them acquire problem-solving skills. Drama-based play time is a planned activity in which the planning process is conducted by the child, the child is at the centre and the teacher is the guide observing and keeping records.

CHILDREN'S LITERATURE: Our aim is to raise children's awareness about their experiences and environments, help them question through forming cause and effect relations, help them improve their self-expression skills, and help them improve their Turkish language skills and eloquence as well as their vocabulary.  There are many activities such as "Creating a Mind Map, Show-Tell, Story Completion, Finger Games and Learning Rhymes".

I'M PREPARING FOR PRIMARY SCHOOL: In our 6 year-olds' primary school preparation process, basic writing and reading skills are supported. Our children in the age group of 6 start primary school having gained basic reading and writing skills. Preparatory studies are carried out regularly with games and activities within the scope of the program prepared by experienced primary school teachers.

FUN MATHEMATICS: We aim to develop children's understanding of the mathematical sequences and concepts by using the materials that exist within their environment before introducing the symbols used in mathematics. We create an environment for learning that will enable them to learn mathematics with games and fun activities such as free exploration, pattern creation, grouping, classification, counting, comparison, charting, understanding numbers, and counting time.

EXPERIMENTS AND SCIENCE ACTIVITIES (GEMS): Learning through experimenting, trying, discovering and observing form the basis of our experiments and science activities. In our kindergarten, we introduce our children to experiments as soon as they start school. We help them love science (GEMS) lessons by encouraging them to use scientific terms in their daily lives. In all age groups, weekly experiment time is carried out with the planning of our science teacher.

CREATIVE ART: Our aim is to support the creativity of our children so that they can express themselves by using their imagination through art and create authentic artworks. Through creative art studies, students have the opportunity to improve skills such as cognitive problem solving, developing different perspectives, establishing cause and effect relationship, understanding and following instructions, empathic cooperation in the socio-emotional sense, sharing, acting with the group etc.

TRIPS: or permanent learning to be accomplished, it is very important that children learn by experiencing, observing and examining. From this point of view, extracurricular school trips are planned in accordance with certain themes.

PORTFOLIO MEETINGS: Portfolio is a systematic and purposed development file that shows the development, learning process and learning outcomes of the child, enabling a thorough assessment. Each year, two portfolio meetings are organised, which take place at the end of the 1st and 2nd semesters. Parents, teachers and students attend portfolio meetings and our students steer these meetings. The process is guided by our teachers.

PROJECT STUDIES: The project studies are determined together with the children and they consist of the progressive research process. Our students carry out preliminary research on the predetermined subject accompanied by their parents and they bring the documents they have obtained to school and share them with their friends. In-depth research is carried out on the subject of the project with the teacher and the subject is supported through different fun activities such as experiments, science activities, mathematics studies, Turkish language activities, creative art, music and drama. Project exhibitions and project presentations are shared with the parents.

BALLET: Ballet classes are conducted periodically by our expert teachers, with the aim of helping our 5 to 6-year old children express their feelings using their bodies with rhythm and music, develop their aesthetic sense, develop hand-foot coordination, develop a sense of self-confidence, responsibility and team awareness, gain the ability to express themselves in front of a crowd.

MUSIC: The aim is to identify and improve the ability of our 5 to 6-year-old children and help them love music and include music in their lives.  In our lessons, while performing rhythm with orff instruments, they also learn to recognise Western music instruments and famous musicians.

CHESS: Our 5-6 age group students attend the weekly classes carried out by our expert chess trainer. Our aim is to instil the love of chess, help our students learn the basics of chess, have a certain level of game technique and improve their game techniques.

SWIMMING: The aim is to help our 5-6 age group children get used to being in the water, to instil the love of water, and to encourage them to play water games with various materials. We start creating the youth setup team for the school swimming team with the students who have the interest and skills.