"Children need both roots and wings." Goethe

Roots are necessary to know where you came from, wings are necessary to get to know the world.

In our kindergarten, the day starts at 08:00 with children coming to school with their parents or by shuttle.

We "welcome the day" by playing games according to their interest during free play time in carefully arranged classes according to age groups.

Our children enjoy the open-buffet breakfast between 08:30-09:00 and make a healthy start to the new day with morning exercise.

The topic of circle time is the weather. With the question of 'How many days have we spent in school so far?' 100th day activity is carried out and each student shares the piece of information they learned about the communication homework, which is a fun start to the activities of the day.

Our students spend an enjoyable day participating in fun and instructive activities in the program.

Starting from 16:30 onwards, the students start getting ready to go home and the students who commute to school by shuttle will get on their shuttles at 17:00.  For our working parents, our children attend fun activities under the supervision of a teacher on duty until 18:30 (on condition that transportation of the children will be provided by our parents).