For Şahinkaya Educational Institutions, 'success' is a natural consequence of the great efforts invested in every age group and every field and of the modern and quality education provided, and it is also a tradition integrated with the institution. The high social, artistic and sportive as well as academical and scientific achievements, is the consequence of the support we receive from our parents and the devoted, self-confident, and determined approach of students and academic staff.

Success is Discipline

"Where there is mutual love and respect, there is trust and obedience. Where there is trust and obedience, there is discipline. Where there is discipline, there is peace; and where there is peace, there is success." M. Kemal Atatürk

Success Is Tradition

As our graduates whom we have taught and raised so far will know well, success is a Şahinkaya tradition. Success that is not sustainable is not real success.

Success is Having a System

It is the latest point of the KOD system prepared with years of experience exclusive to Şahinkaya.

Success is Hard Work

At Şahinkaya, preparatory programs for higher education begin in July and continue until the end of June.