Students' health and safety are the most crucial prerequisites for a successful education. Şahinkaya Educational Institutions aim to offer health services with this understanding in mind.


It is of great importance for us to ensure that our students are healthy as well as to ensure their academic lives. The school period is a very special period in which significant changes in one's life take place. Because school-age children grow up and thrive rapidly. The health problems experienced during this period affect one's whole life and it is easier in this period to prevent the growth and development of disorders that are detected early.


The drivers that work in our shuttles receive regular in-service training about safe driving. The delivery of students to their families and taking them from their homes are accompanied by the shuttle guides at all times.


At the entrance gates, the visitors are monitored. Guests arriving at our school are given a visitor card in return for a valid ID card.

The department that the visitor is going to see is contacted beforehand and the visitor is guided to the department.