At Academy 1418, sports is a way of life that improves people's quality of life, changes their perspective in life, and maintains their physical and mental health.


Football, basketball, volleyball, swimming, tennis, chess, billiards, zumba, crossfit


The students who choose the football activity learn football techniques through basic training, decoy run, running with the ball, and coordination activities. Every week, our students receive 6 hours of football training. Students who have achieved success in football tournaments have taken all kinds of technical & tactical training before the tournament.


At Academy 1418, basketball is an event that all our students want to participate in and enjoy. Our students who have taken basketball training so far, have won awards after starting with the basics and advancing to higher levels.


Students participating in the volleyball activity have acquired the rules of the game and basic required skills. It contributes to their mental and physical development. Because this is a team sport, it develops a sense of friendship and develops the feeling of being together. Students who are talented, enthusiastic and successful in the volleyball club take part in the school teams and the club hour provides extra practice for them.


Swimming is one of the main sports branches that support physical development as it works all muscle groups. Due to the fact that it is a sport against water resistance, it also makes an important contribution to muscle strength and general resistance. Sport gives a certain discipline in life. One of the best sports branches that support discipline in life is swimming. It is one of the few sports branches that presents the chance to start at an early age and our swimming club activities are carried out in the indoor swimming pool of our school.


Our school provides high-quality training from early on which carries student into professional athletism, has tennis courts in Bursa in compliance with international standards; and these facilities have helped many students with their achievements.


The aim of our school is to ensure the advancement of students' thinking skills. Efforts are made to ensure that our knowledgeable and talented students improve themselves.


It is a sports branch based on elegance and mind whereby the quadrangle of physics, mathematics, geometry and psychology is showcased.


We aim to improve our students' music, rhythm and body awareness. In our dance lessons, which have a great contribution to muscle development and coordination, our students are expected to feel the music first and then to act in accordance with the music. After passing through a variety of stages and choreographies, students participate in dance competitions with their choreography studies. It is our biggest goal to train students who are active, healthy and can feel the rhythm of life.


It is a program focusing on power and fitness. Our goal is to develop the physical properties of our students such as cardiovascular capacity, endurance, strength, flexibility, explosive force, speed, coordination, agility and balance. Each exercise should include a different program and the training program takes the capacity of the class into account and is implemented rapidly and in an agile manner.