During a sociology lecture, a university professor sent his students to the slums and asked them to do a case study on 200 young people living there. He asked his students to evaluate the future of these young people.

The students' comment was "They haven't got a chance". Five years later, another sociology professor came across the same work. The professor asked his students to find out what happened to these young people. The students found out that out of the 20 young people, who either moved somewhere else or died, 176 of the 180 young people had achieved unconventional success by becoming doctors, lawyers and businesspeople. Quite surprised, the professor decided to go over the case. Luckily, all of the young people who had been studied lived in the neighborhood. The professor was asking the same question to all the young people that he could reach after the research.

"To what do you owe your success" The young people's response was the same. "To our teacher..."

The teacher was still alive. The professor finally found the teacher. She wanted to know what kind of a magic formula she used on this journey that led to the success of these young people from the slums. The teacher's eyes lighted up. A slight smile on her lips "It is very simple," she said. “I loved these kids.”


We love you very much.

Şahinkaya Culture; is a culture of education, sharing and life that is integrated with a sense of responsibility and devoted endeavours focusing on success, happiness, and love as well as universal values. Being a part of this culture requires working with the consciousness that success requires hard work and thinking about others.

Şahinkaya culture not only maximises the quality standards in education but also requires to act together and be creative to produce original projects in every field.

Our values;

• Excellence: Always aiming for excellence and striving for it

• Hard Work: Being aware that working hard with dignity is the key to success

• Honour: Being honest, trustworthy and respected individuals

• Respect: Respecting oneself, one's own values, possessions as well as others' values

• Kindness: Being aware that what one gets the worth of what one has and one's hard work only by being kind to everyone at all times.

• Love: Being able to communicate with a love that is based on trust and leaves lasting traces in others' hearts.