The main principle and objective of Academy 1418 are to educate young people who can be "global citizens".

In addition to a curriculum based on being successful in the exams, it is our main objective to ensure that our students have an intellectual perspective, be able to express themselves in every platform, have an intellectual outlook, are productive and questioning individuals who have strong aesthetic perceptions, have high communication skills,and  free-thinking individuals in our society as well as to instil an awareness of being a Şahinkaya student.

Academy 1418 has adopted the philosophy of continuously improving its students who are individuals with the ability to represent themselves internationally. Each student grows up to be a 21st-century-human being that questions, investigates, and integrates knowledge with their own repertoire thanks to the enriched Şahinkaya curriculum.

One of the most important skills gained by our students is to have a global perspective towards life, which is the result of our effective language education. Our students gain an advanced level of foreign language skills which will enable them to communicate effectively in examinations, in higher education and in their journey to become a global citizen.

Adopting feasible education programs suitable to the career goals of our students, our college provides our students with the most effective guidance thanks to its outstanding academic staff. Our students who gain knowledge, skill and experience during the four-year high school education are placed in the top universities in Turkey and abroad.