Guidance and educational coaching at Academy 1418 contributes to students' development in every aspect with planned development, communication and cooperation based on mutual respect and voluntarism among teachers, students and parents.

At Academy 1418, educational coaching and guidance are carried out by highly-qualified teachers who have specialised in this field and internalised coaching. As in every other aspect, we continue to raise awareness and contribute to our students when it comes to educational coaching as well.

Objectives and Outcomes in the Academy 1418 Guidance and Coaching System

Helping our students get to know their own responsibilities, learn how to learn, recognise their own deficiencies and capacities, realise their own achievements, talents and failures, and take action to be more successful.

Helping our parents take an active role in the education process, reducing their anxiety levels pertaining to their children's future by trusting the school, helping them spend quality time with their children.

Keeping the academic, social, artistic and sportive success of our school at the highest level, supporting the personality, achievements and creativity of our students, ensuring an effective, planned and healthy communication among students, teachers and parents.

In educational coaching, it is essential to encourage students to think by asking various questions. It is also necessary to help the students find the right answers as well as to encourage them to ask questions.

Communication that is based on specially selected questions enables students to discover and question themselves because all the decisions are taken together with the student by acting upon the right questions.