At Şahinkaya, arts provides a medium for our students to express their emotions and thoughts, creativity, talents, imagination via painting, sculpture, theatre, literature, dance, music, etc.


Radio (broadcasting)

Short film

Folk dance

Music & orchestra

Jewelry Design

Master Piece



Mathematics Olympics


Radio Şahinkaya was founded to help our students gain techniques such as public speaking, oratory, and correct breathing within the scope of their overall development. When they receive training in Sound-Breathing, they both develop and learn how to use their voices in any environment.    We help our students gain self-confidence as well as being able to speak and comment on a topic.


It is an art club where techniques such as powder pastel, oil pastel, watercolour, charcoal drawing and oil painting, as well as window art are included; and the aim is to help our students improve their imaginations and handcraft skills.


The aim is to introduce our students to our traditions and promote our traditional songs (türkü) via folk dances. Our students stage folk dances belonging to 7 different regions of Anatolia in accordance with the stage discipline of folk dances. At the end of this program, our students represent our school in national and international events and competitions and take part in the official ceremonies and commemorations organised in our school.


Food safety and developing Turkish cuisine is taught in compliance with HACCP. Our students' learning outcomes will form the basis for improving the tendency to produce healthy food and resisting the fast food movement, and at the same time, for recognising our traditional cuisine and creating dishes with this culinary culture. With the motto, "A nation's existence depends on its own language, belief system and culinary culture", the aim is to help students follow a path that will be beneficial to the Turkish gastronomy and to help them reflect healthy nutrition to all areas of their lives.


Theatre Club aims to teach students the basics of dictation and stage knowledge. They learn voice and breathing techniques, diaphragmatic breathing, stage posture, improvisation, accent and intonation, as well as the requirements of being on stage with body-oriented studies such as physical-fitness exercises, movement and flexibility. The works carried out throughout the year are crowned by a show at the end of the year. The Theatre Club, where contemporary works are exhibited in addition to the classical works, students develop their intellectual knowledge and become involved in art.


The aim of the Short Film Club is to teach students the techniques of screenwriting and film shooting through the analysis of selected films. At the same time, the students receive applied film training by developing at least one short film script developed within the club.


In line with the general objectives of the Turkish National Education; It is our overall aim to help students love mathematics, discover students with exceptional talent early on, attract their attention to the Olympics and encourage them to participate.