Bursa Private Şahinkaya Kindergarten

Our kindergarten curriculum consists of a synthesis of international programs. Studies enriched with programs such as Reggio Emilia project-based learning program, High/Scope and experience-based learning program and GEMS science training are carried out.

Bursa Private Şahinkaya Primary School

At Şahinkaya Educational Institutions, the aim is to educate students who use information technologies in accordance with Turkish National Education requirements, who have developed critical thinking skills, and who are loyal to Atatürk's principles and reforms.

Bursa Private Şahinkaya Middle School

As Şahinkaya College, our aim is to educate exemplary individuals who always make a difference in their environment with their knowledge, culture, social aspect and behaviour.

Academy 1418

Academy 1418 has adopted the philosophy of helping students continuously improve themselves and raising individuals who prioritise their ability to represent themselves internationally. Each student grows up to be a 21st-century-human being that questions, investigates, and integrates knowledge with their own repertoire thanks to the enriched Şahinkaya curriculum.

Hexagon by Şahinkaya

In Hexagon by Şahinkaya, we put love at the centre of learning. We know that everything that is based on love becomes more beautiful and more meaningful. Each student that we approach with unlimited affection and love are equal and have the same rights. As educators, we can ensure that each individual is valuable in the classroom, with respect and fair treatment to the students. Rights and equity are values that exist in all cultures. Love, respect, rights and equity are the cornerstones of the education approach of our school.