Students' health and safety are the most crucial prerequisites for a successful education. Şahinkaya Education Institutions aim to offer all its services with this understanding in mind.


In the cafeterias and canteens of our school, carefully selected materials are prepared under hygienic conditions and presented to the service of students, teachers and employees.


The purpose of Şahinkaya Educational Institutions Health Centre is to increase the health capacity of the students and employees, to prevent potential harm to the employees and students due to the school environment, to ensure the harmony between the employees and work, the students and educational activities.


It is our priority to provide safe transportation for our students. Our vehicles accept students to the vehicle according to the number of seats available, all equipped with seat belts, and students are required to put on a seat belt.


Establishing a peaceful and safe learning environment at our college, active security services are conducted so as to ensure the security of our students, parents, and personnel. Our campus has a 24-hour security service, and security cabins have security guards at all times.