There is a strong R&D team behind Şahinkaya College's innovative approaches in education.

Some of the ideas put forward about what kind of a lifestyle the next century will bring since the 1990s agree on the fact that there will be a transition from the advanced industrial society to the information society in the 21st century. In parallel with this prediction, today's conditions allow for the rapid and intense production of information. Under these new conditions, individuals who learn to learn for success and are able to transform what they learn into active lifelong action will be successful. Within this context, R&D activities in the field of education are of great importance and necessity.

R&D is defined as 'systematically sustained creative efforts to increase knowledge and using this knowledge to create new applications'. With this definition, the OECD argues that it is the primary goal of the individual to become active in the lifelong learning process and that individuals should have the skills to effectively acquire and use knowledge in order to ensure their personal development and fulfill their personal goals.

Şahinkaya College has a strong R&D team behind its innovative approaches in education. Şahinkaya has been an example for many educational institutions with the different approaches it has developed and it has been an institution that produces innovation and is followed by its counterparts in all applications. It is Şahinkaya's main duty to instil this identity and claim in its students. In Şahinkaya, R&D studies attach great importance to understanding processes, methods and application fields; developing knowledge and skills with experimental applications; and associating them with daily life. With this approach, it focuses on how students can use what they have learned in school in real life rather than what they can add on top of what they have learned in school. The subjects which the students learn the theory of during their lessons are supported by being converted into practice in the laboratory environment. Students interpret their cognitive learning outcomes on an effective level and improve them on a psychomotor skill level to realise the principle of Lifelong Learning through 'fun learning'.

At Şahinkaya, the foundation for lifelong learning is laid in the kindergarten with the ""I learned, I made"" practice and the layers rise as students climb on the steps of their education. Students gain experience in practices that are rarely seen under the current education conditions. For example, students prepare panels using gear wheels, and as they turn the wheels they realise that they bicycles have the same system and they deduce that cars might have the same mechanism, which leads them to imagine new mechanism in their own imaginations. In primary school, the student learns how to use a microscope and observe the clustering of small substances before learning the concept of a cell, which leads them to these substances may increase in number to form us. In middle school, students hold an organ for the first time in their lives and learn how to perform the dissection, trying to find a cure for diseases just like a surgeon.

As Şahinkaya students gain new knowledge and experiences, they start to produce different ideas. At this point, "Geniuses of the Future" want to create their own projects. In this context, our school participates in various competitions in different fields, especially TÜBİTAK Project Competitions.


"TUBITAK Research Projects Competition" held in the field of Mathematics and Science for middle school students

"TUBITAK Research Projects Competition" in Mathematics, Physics, Chemistry, Biology, Geography, Values Education, Coding, Sociology, History Technological Design, Turkish Language and Literature for high school students.

TUBITAK & Ministry of Energy and Natural Resources, Directorate General of Renewable Energy, Energy Efficiency Project Competition Turkey

Intelligence Games Contest - Turkish Intelligence Foundation

TUBITAK National Science Olympics

TUBITAK National Mathematics Olympiad

First Lego League (FLL) Robotics Competition

First Robotics Competition ( FRC) Robotics Competition

Also for each age group, participation in National/International Competitions and Science/Observations camps in fields such as Painting, Music, Drama, Design, Mechatronics etc. are carried out.