At Şahinkaya Educational Institutions, a modern and participatory management approach has been adopted in order to continuously enhance and improve all organisational processes and to ensure the satisfaction of parents, students, teachers and employees.

Quality Planning

Quality planning is a systematic process for transforming the policy of Şahinkaya Educational Institutions into scalable goals and requirements and for realising them within the given time. This plan, which was created as a result of the quality planning, is in the form of reports stating when and how the relevant resources are going to be used.

Quality Control

There is education without objectives. It is impossible to improve an education system with no coherent objective. There are many variables in the education system. Most of these variables affect one another positively or negatively. It is not possible to work towards the same objective and to develop an understanding of unity without knowing what the common objective is and without quality control. Each individual should know the obligations of being a Şahinkaya student and must define their role within this vision.