The Public Relations Department raises public awareness by planning communication activities in with strategic communication in accordance with its corporate identity, objectives and target audience.

Public Relations department carries out the necessary promotional policies in order to increase the reputation and brand value of the institution. By providing information flow between groups of people and organizations, it carries out planned activities to help this information flow gain the necessary efficiency and reach the intended result. In line with the objectives and goals of the institution, it develops public relations strategies by providing communication, motivation, integration, evaluation, training, decision-making and audit among departments while at the same time providing interaction with the external target group.

Maintaining the operations in the institution, solving problems and forming creative power can be realised through public relations. The Public Relations department plays an important role in helping small groups of employees establish a healthy relationship with one another as well as the institution. Public Relations is the source of mutual trust and the free flow of information within the institution and it is the source of good service and interest for target audience expectations outside of the institution.