Şahinkaya Educational Institutions Printing House was established in 2002, at Şahinkaya Pembe Çarşı Dershanesi in order to publish the fascicules and materials students needed.

Our printing house publishes all the textbooks, fascicules, optical forms, subject-textbooks, test banks, school magazines and newspapers carrying the Şahinkaya emblem. With the help of Şahinkaya books created by our commissions in a way to allow students to observe all question types and narrative styles without being bound to a certain pattern, a more systematic and disciplined improvement has been observed in our students. Therefore, our printing company has been actively operating to publish our own publications since 2002.

Our printing house consists of experienced personnel who are experts in their fields. In addition, it provides internship opportunities to students studying at the high schools and universities, and enables them to develop professionally.