Corporate Communications Department

Şahinkaya Educational Institutions Corporate Communications department conducts communication activities for students, parents, employees, cooperating individuals/institutions and organisations.

It conducts communication projects devoted to the institution's reputation and brand value by considering the vision, mission and values of the institution. It supports the communication of the institution's messages, activities and practices with stakeholders. It prepares press releases concerning the activities, operations, and achievements of the institution and makes sure that they are shared with the relevant media institutions so that these press releases can take place in the media effectively. It carries out the production of content, design and printing processes of written material about the institution in coordination with the advertising agency.

It creates, monitors, and improves the content for the website and the social media accounts, and published all the significant news on the website of the institution. It organises seminars/meetings, openings, academic activities, and activities to increase the motivation of employees.

The Corporate Communications department provides a healthy exchange of information between the outside world and the institution. It helps the institution adapt to the rapidly changing conditions of competition and environment, form relations based on trust, and manage the institution's reputation with a positive image. Corporate communication is the most important tool for corporate governance.

An institution's planning, coordination, decision-making, motivation and control require effective corporate communication.

Corporate Communication Staff

Corporate Communication Coordinator: Sevginar Kender

Photo: Duygu Nazlı Teke, İsmail Ferit Telseren

Video: Ömer Faruk Güler