When the founders Rasim Şahinkaya and Nebahat Şahinkaya started their teaching careers in 1968, the foundations of the Private Şahinkaya Educational Institutions were laid. They continued the sense of education and teaching, which was strengthened by state services for 30 years, after their retirement.

Şahinkaya family, their children Ali Serhan and Oğuzhan Şahinkaya continued on the same road; they first founded the private Şahinkaya Teaching Institutions, and then the Şahinkaya Educational Institutions on the 40th year of their teaching careers. They continue to serve with the same principles and quality of education they had in the very beginning. In my 40th year as a teacher, there is one thing I want from my sons and teachers, which is that they should always dedicate their lives to their students. Because the life that is worth living for a teacher is possible only when that life is devoted to students and education.

45 years in education, easier said than done.

My eyes have seen thousands of students; my life left traces on the futures of thousands of students. A lifetime with teachers and parents from all sorts of backgrounds in their villages, small towns or big cities.

I believe that experience is the thorough observation and wise comprehension of right and wrong...

I have always seen that the ownership of success is not limited to one person only. When the child succeeds; everyone embraces it immediately. Sometimes even those who work hard for that success are in forgotten in the chaos.

In failure, however, everyone puts the blame on someone. I have seen few people rightmindedly saying "Let's see what happens, everyone makes mistakes", but those who lack self-criticism and put the blame on everyone else, quite naturally, have experienced similar failures in life.

The common characteristic of people for whom success is the norm and failure is an exception is a self-confidently made self-criticism as well as a humble approach to praise.

In order not to be drunk with success, we need to remember the ones who have been working hard with humility, detect the mistakes with an objective perspective so that the disappointment of failure does not overtake our whole life, and to feel that we have the power to correct and not to repeat those mistakes.

When building the future of our children, mothers and fathers have a huge responsibility to undertake. We should not forget that our role in the successes and failures throughout their lives when it comes not only to their lessons but also to arts, sports, career, and life in general. I have seen that unconditional respect for their teachers added value to students' lives. The main task of our teachers is to produce positive contributions to their students' futures and to do so in good faith and devotedly. These form the fundamental philosophy of Şahinkaya Educational Institutions' academic staff and the basic criteria of our institutions' management of human resources.

As a father, I am always grateful to my teachers who work hard for my children, and thanks to them, I have been proud, I have reached awareness with their warnings, and I have stayed in the right with their praise. As educational institutions, we have always been proud, on the right track and successful.

We have always felt the crucial responsibility of our students' and institutions' future, and the community has always made us proud; we have been happy, and we have humbly moved forward without departing from the truth we always cling to. A single sentence to all parents after 45 years of experience in education: What you leave your children is not important in life; what is important is the children you leave behind.