Computer and technology programs aim both to help students use their logical intelligence practically and enable them to use technology to increase their success in other education programs.

Students not only learn computer science and web design but they also learn to use the computer in their academic research as well as in manifesting their creativities. During this program, Şahinkaya students develop their problem solving, research and communication skills and creativity. The variability of the field of computer and technology is simultaneously reflected in this training program. The Şahinkayan is trained to always know the newest and the best.


On the path created by the successful English program at Şahinkaya, students learn to use their debating skills within formal English to become the diplomats of the future.

Age Group: 5-6-7th grade   NB: It is an elective club program.


Do you want to have a seat at the United Nations conferences to promote the development of human rights? You can join the MUN Club and participate in the conferences that are in the format of United Nations conference simulations which will be carried out in English so that you can express your opinions and represent your school both in Turkey and abroad.

Age Group: 9-10th Grade Students  NB: It is an elective club program.


We train scientists of the future by organising mini projects. Şahinkaya students apply the theories that they learn in class by enacting the rules themselves. In the small age group, children who store the scientific laws in their visual memory prepare to make a difference in the field of science in the future.

Age Group: K-12 Community  NB: This is a part of the science program.


The Lego Robot is a program that aims to make children enjoy science and technology while improving their creativity and providing meaningful life skills. While conducting scientific research, they also have a fun experience working in groups. Developing their engineering skills by using their toys in order to still stay connected to their childhoods, Şahinkaya students display their creations in competitions.  Age Group: K-12 Community  NB: This is a part of the science program.


Intertwined with experiment and science in education programs, Şahinkaya students prepare to interpret what they learn using free and creative intelligence and create their own science projects. Şahinkaya students interested in technology who want to conduct crazy experiments and assemble robots gather in this club. Individuals are brought up to become producers instead of consumers.

Age group: 5-6-7th Grade Students  NB: It is an elective club program


With their advanced and distinctive education programs, Şahinkaya high schools are preparing to write their names in the history of science by preparing TÜBİTAK projects with their broad perspectives, wide range of analytical intelligence, and interest in science. Environmentally-conscious young people who think about the future of our world realise their projects in this club under the supervision of their teachers.

Age Group: 9-10th Grade Students  NB: Elective club program.


Would you like to be responsible for the music broadcast of the school and the chats during breaks? A radio that is representative of your common language with your friends is broadcasting with exclusive programs that will shed light on your life! If you see 'on air' the microphone is yours!

Age Group: 9 and 10th Grade Students  NB: Elective club program.


At Şahinkaya, the ability and freedom to express oneself always comes first. Şahinkaya students have the opportunity to display these abilities as well as bringing them to the masses. They cross the borders of Şahinkaya TV and studious and speak to the whole world.

Age group: 5-6-7th Grade Students  NB: Elective club program.


We train entrepreneurial spirits with workshops and interviews where extraordinary examples from real life are invited to share their experiences. Let's examine the stories of people who produce the most striking ideas of the world.

Age Group: 9-10th Grade Students  NB: Elective club program


Join us in the photoshop training which is the basis of photography, graphic design and web design. You can design anything you want whether you are the leading actor on a movie poster or your group's concert brochures or the cover of your latest book. Background, effect and deformation are just a few of the terms that can be padded on a photograph in this club. All you need to have to join this club is your imagination and the desire to discover the opportunities that this powerful program offers.

Grade Students  NB: Elective club program.


Want to make people hear your voice? You can implement Şahinkaya Children's web page design and tell the world about how different it is to be a Şahinkaya student.  You will learn how the Internet works as well as a new language with your web designer friends; HTML. Basically, if you're excited by the idea of understanding how content such as text, audio, video, and animation that an internet user encounter on a web page is created using HyperText Markup Language (HTML) and you want to implement what you learn, then you will be the new internet sensation.

Age Group: 6th Grade Students  NB: Elective club program.


Imagine what Davinci, Van Gogh or Picasso could have created if they had a computer! If we want the new generations to take the creations of their ancestors to the next step, we must use all the means of civilisation and bring creativity to the top. In this club, you will learn how to create your own animated films and illustrations. Get ready for the introduction to digital art with vector and pixel-based drawing techniques!

Age Group: 7th Grade Students  NB: Elective club program.


This club aims to ensure that Şahinkaya students are not the object of computer games but that they are the subjects in control. Students will learn the basic structures and techniques of computer programming and will create their own programs and games, whether it be on their own or in collaboration with their friends.  Creativity, curiosity and motivation will help students understand the program's logic and art. Even if they had no previous experience in computer programming, the basic computer information that everyone has today is enough to participate in this club.

Age Group: 9-10th Grade Students  NB: Elective club program.


Smartphones are not smarter than us! Şahinkaya students will learn that their own minds are the foundation of all the smart technology around them and they will discover the technological superiority of their own intelligence. In addition to computer programming knowledge, this club also focuses on developing design skills. Şahinkaya students are only one lesson away from Steve Jobs.

Age Group: 9-10th Grade Students  NB: Elective club program.


Today, the media is the biggest driving force in all communities. It is now Şahinkaya students' job to lead their lives as well as the people and society around them.  The name and content of this newspaper will be the creation of Şahinkaya students where individuals who are open-minded, honest, far from prejudices and respectful of personal rights make the news stories reflecting the world as well their immediate environment. Welcome to the world directed by young people who will create the future.

Age Group: 9-10th Grade Students  NB: Elective club program.


A journey to the magnificent world of books... This is where students who have set their individual goals, become aware of their abilities and are able to use them for the benefit of society as well as develop their horizons meet. From the Little Prince to the Iliad, from War and Peace to Sinekli Bakkal, it is time to reach every corner of literature and touch the thoughts of authors through the dusty shelves.

Age Group: 9-10th Grade Students  NB: Elective club program.