At Şahinkaya, sports play an indispensable part in the education program, which makes the principle that a good brain comes from a good body indispensable.


At Şahinkaya, sports play an indispensable part in the education program, which makes the principle that a good brain comes from a good body indispensable.

Knowing their own bodies and sustaining the sports discipline in their lives, Şahinkaya students will become leaders of the well-educated, strong, healthy and successful generation of the future.

At Şahinkaya, sports is a reflection of Şahinkaya culture and the students are given the freedom to choose. Şahinkaya students are encouraged for sports at any time and they are guided according to their areas of interest. Sports trainers focus on improving the students' knowledge, skills, physical activity, and help them understand the importance of team sports, healthy physical development and a balanced life.

Implemented at the swimming complex containing a big indoor pool as well as 5 pools, 3 different sports halls and 5 tennis courts, this program aims to help a Şahinkaya student stand out. In today's sports world, Şahinkaya Spor is one of the rare sports programs that include competition and balance at the same time.


Demonstrating its success as Turkey's Inter-High School Basketball Champion, Şahinkaya Basketball School trains athletes between the ages of 6-18 under the name of Hidayet Türkoğlu Şahinkaya Basketball Schools. Within Şahinkaya Education Institutions, Hidayet Türkoğlu Şahinkaya Basketball School has 8 expert trainers that will take athletes to the next level in basketball.


Anyone can shoot an arrow. It doesn't matter how they look, because it teaches the proper posture. It can be said that it is suitable for every child from any age group. Archery is an individual sports branch. It has valuable outputs in terms of attention development. Archery, which can be used for the distraction and motivation of over-active children, depending on their trainability and discipline, also has a good control system.

Age Group: 9-10th Grade Students

NB: It is an elective club program.


What comes to mind when you say sports? Let us guess, football or basketball are probably the first things you think of when we say sports. It must be one of the games that almost everyone in our country plays at least once in their childhood.

Age Group: 9-10th Grade Students

NB: It is an elective club program.


Game, set and match. New Federers, Nadals and Sharapovas warm up the courts. Are you ready to put your skills to test while having some fun? Who knows, maybe the talented tennis players among us will the champion in our city, country or even in the world.

Age Group: 5-6-7-9-10th Grade Students

NB: It is an elective club program.


Do you want to take part in a fun, refreshing and relaxing branch of sports? Our club will provide you with the development of free, butterfly, breaststroke and supine styles and you will represent our school in swimming competitions.

Age Group: 5-6-7-9-10th Grade Students

NB: It is an elective club program.


Aikido is the Modern Japanese Martial Art. Like other martial arts in Japan, it is a way of self-defense as well as a way of teaching for spiritual development. The name Aikido consists of three Kanji; Ai (merging, harmony), that (life force, spirit), do (path). As a whole, we can say that the overall meaning of it is "The path to merge with the life force". With this philosophy, it will be our main goal to teach Aikido students to participate in our club lessons and to use their mind and body correctly.


What students must have as a prerequisite for a participation in any team in Şahinkaya is a sense of cooperation, commitment and respect for common goals. The most important goal for the sports trainers in Şahinkaya is that the young athletes who graduate from Şahinkaya and step into the future take their sense of responsibility, team spirit, self-confidence and the spirit of sportsmanship with them.

We believe that students who participate in sports programs regardless of their athletic abilities will benefit from this principle. At Şahinkaya, it is the principle that no student should be left behind. Every student play if they want to play!


At Şahinkaya, every girl and boy has the opportunity to deal with at least one sport. If students cannot participate in a sports team in their preferred field, they have the opportunity to continue their education in amateur clubs and departmental courses.

Starting from 3rd grade, students' sports program begins to shift into branch courses in individual sports and team sports such as basketball, volleyball, football, handball. This branching also coincides with the formation of school amateur clubs. Şahinkaya students who start training and developing themselves in the sports branch in which they are interested take the first step to be a part of successful professional teams.


Şahinkaya's successful, unique and record-breaking swimming team selects students aged 6 and above. Swimmers starting from the youth system who develop themselves begin to participate in local and national competitions at the age of 8 and show their skills.


Şahinkaya students who have been preparing for sports branches that strengthen the whole body such as swimming and gymnastics within the successful and well-organized physical education program are now ready to take part in the basketball team. 12 Giant Men of the future are being brought up at Şahinkaya. The 3rd grade students display the success they showed during the auditions for the basketball team as well as their love for this sport.


The girls at Şahinkaya are now ready for the volleyball team.

The Sultans of the future are being brought up at Şahinkaya. After the volleyball training that starts as of 3rd grade, students participate in volleyball auditions and show the success of Şahinkaya girls.


Şahinkaya students start joining the tennis team at the 3rd grade and they are training to become the Andre Agassi and Serena Williams of the future. Students continue with their trainings during winter and summer at the 3 main courts and 2 training courts at Şahinkaya.


Şahinkaya extends to every branch of sports. At Şahinkaya, the fencing training program introduces its own competitors. Şahinkaya fencers are challenging the world with their postures and swords. Şahinkaya fencing team carries the historical duels to today's sports world with the perfect combination of aesthetics, power and balance.