In Şahinkaya, students' individual and overall success are always evaluated equally. Şahinkaya takes into account individual talents and creates new opportunities for students to explore new areas equally.


Şahinkaya provides paid extracurricular individual musical instrument training programs whereby students who want to specialise in a different musical branch that is not available in the school program but want to pursue their interest in music. If you want to come a long way in music in a very short time and become a music master, the doors are open for you!


It is a club where the students can continue with their instrumental training while understanding the vocal techniques and improving their emotional intelligence in an atmosphere far from the class environment. Get your guitar, violin or flute! Age Group: 5-6-7th Grade Students NB: It is an elective club program.


Şahikaya opens the door to creating wonders for its students who are fond of music and have not had a chance to start. Students benefit from chord and tab techniques and develop themselves with different types of rhythm and guitar playing skills. Age Group: 5-6-7th Grade Students NB: It is an elective club program.


An environment in which students can develop their sense of rhythm within a team spirit, take part in the commemoration and national holidays and live and sustain Şahinkaya spirit. Students will be able to practice during the program and activity time, and they can also have rehearsals in or outside class time. Age Group: 5-6-7th Grade Students NB: It is an elective club program.


Do you want to have the opportunity and ability to reinterpret the songs you listen to every day and to use your voice as a musical instrument? Students will have the opportunity to use music to improve their perspectives regarding social and cultural events, improve the choir culture and discipline, and present their end-products at the end of this work at the choir festivals in and outside of the school. Age group: 9-10th Grade Students Note: It is an elective club program.


Welcome to the club where the producers of the future are raised by discovering new tones that are being created on digital platforms in a world where instrumental and acoustic music are a thing of the past, just line paper and sending letters. Şahinkaya students participating in this club will benefit from the opportunities of ever-improving technology whereby they will incorporate their Ipads into their education. Age group: 9-10th Grade Students NB: It is an elective club program.


The aim is to provide an environment where students can create their own musical styles based on the universality of music, enjoy making music with their friends, continue learning instruments, and showcase their progress. This club, which also constitutes the school orchestra, goes beyond the school boundaries by representing the Şahinkaya music and staging Şahinkaya students' love of music.  Age group: 9-10th Grade Students NB: It is an elective club program.


This orchestra, where young talents come together and go beyond their boundaries to create their music together, brings together students who make a difference in clubs and music programs. This group cannot get enough of music competitions awards and it is a platform where the foundations of self-confidence and team spirit are laid. NB: The rehearsal and practice sessions are carried out with students chosen by the teachers, outside of school hours."