At Şahinkaya, sports play an indispensable part in the education program, which makes the principle that a good brain comes from a good body indispensable. Knowing their own bodies and sustaining the sports discipline in their lives, Şahinkaya students will become leaders of the well-educated, strong, healthy and successful generation of the future.

At Şahinkaya, sports is a reflection of the Şahinkaya culture. Students are given the freedom to choose. Şahinkaya students are encouraged for sports at any time and they are guided according to their areas of interest. Sports trainers focus on showing the importance of improving the students' knowledge, skills, physical activity, and help them understand the importance of team sports, healthy physical development, and balanced life.

All activities are carried out in Şahinkaya Arena sports complex which is one of its kind in Turkey so that students can develop their athletic skills in the correct and qualified manner.

The program implemented in Şahinkaya Arena aims to make Şahinkaya students distinctive in every field. In today's sports world, Şahinkaya Spor is one of the rare sports programs that include competition and balance at the same time.

CENTRAL CAMPUS / Şahinkaya Arena

1 Ballet Hall                  140m2

1 Dance Hall                 140m2

1 Gymnasium                  300m2

1 Multipurpose Hall          140m2

1 Multipurpose Hall         300m2

1 Studio                    75m2

1 Studio                    75m2

1 Indoor Sports Hall   600m2 (20x30m) (Basketball, volleyball)

1 Indoor Sports Hall 600m2 (20x30m) (Basketball, volleyball)

1 Indoor Sports Hall 600m2 (20x30m) (Basketball, volleyball)

1 Mini Golf Course

1 Synthetic Football Pitch 18x30m

2 Outdoor Tennis Courts 18x36m

2 Indoor Tennis Courts (Balloon) 20x36 m


1. 12.5x25m swimming pool depth 1.70m (Semi-Olympic Competition Pool)

2. 5x15 m swimming pool depth 1m

3. 7.5x15m swimming pool depth 1.60m


1 Fitness Hall

1 Crossfit Hall

1 Spinning Hall

1 Pilates Hall

1 Yoga Hall

1 Leisure Hall (Billards, table tennis, PlayStation area)

ACADEMY 1418 CAMPUS / Tetra Buildins

800m2 Indoor Area

1 Fitness Hall (Crossfit, Martial Arts, Spinning) 325m2

1 Pilates Studio / 60m2

2 Multipurpose Hall / 57m2

1 Indoor Sports Hall / 760m2 (419-people tribune capacity)

1 Girls and Boys Dressing Rooms (with private showers)

1 Outdoor Basketball Court