At Şahinkaya, students have a dynamic life culture.

Each student is unique and valued for their different abilities. As individuals who have the freedom to realise their dreams and become their own person; they live a 'happy' life in all areas of the campus.

While revealing their inner worlds and creative ideas through art; they experience the freedom to express themselves in a different language. They grow up as students who have the eyes, fineness, and intelligence of an artist in a school with artwork on its walls, corridors, and classrooms. In the campus, which has a unique sports complex, students have the opportunity to develop themselves in every branch of sports and they gain mental and physical discipline as well as skills.

Through showcasing their talents from stage shows to musicals, recitals to dance performances, from English presentations to debates, from science shows to sports tournaments; students who have the chance to acquire and develop new skills and make use of all dynamics of life as individuals.