Students who have started at the Academy 1418 will improve their ability to use English. Very important studies are carried out in language learning. Our aim in high school level is to educate our students as individuals who know how to read, interpret what they hear, interrogate, and write down their thoughts.

The textbooks we use in class differ from those used in classical education. Topics and people are not imaginary. Our reading books are chosen according to students' levels and interests. All structures are taught in 9th and 10th grade in high school. Thus, our students are fully prepared for YDS. Our students entered University language exams just to test themselves and they ranked 6th, 180th, 500th, and 1500th in Turkey.

Beginning from 11th grade, we primarily focus on TOEFL. Students who take the TOEFL exam at the end of the 11th grade are exempted from the preparatory class when they enter a university and they can easily pass the preparatory exam, even if they do not take the TOEFL exam.


Founded in 2011, MUN (Model United Nations) Club is active 4 hours a week and we educate our students starting from the 9th grade. Students who participate in the club improve their English language skills and experience the honour of being a diplomat in high school while trying to keep up with the world affairs, being interested in world problems and coming up with solutions. We paved the way and promoted MUN Conferences in Bursa by organising Şahinkaya MUN Conference in our school first in 2012, and then inviting other schools in Bursa since 2014.


We opened Şahinkaya MUN 2018 for the first time to schools outside of Bursa and  6 schools from different cities participated in our MUN Conference. We organise 4 MUN Conferences every year within the school. MUN Training is organised in order to introduce our students to MUN; MUN Development is organised in order to improve our students.'