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At Şahinkaya, students continue their academic success by making use of a wide range of options within the fields of art, sports and science.

Art programs expand the visual perceptions of children and open the way to revive and express their dreams by using canvases, ceramics, origami, and the rhythm of the music. At Şahinkaya, sports play an indispensable part in the education program, which makes the principle that a good brain comes from a good body indispensable. Knowing their own bodies and sustaining the sports discipline in their lives, Şahinkaya students will become leaders of the well-educated, strong, healthy and successful generation of the future. Şahinkaya College conducts a system that improves the process of existing within the science and scientist training programs which are amongst the fundamental needs of our world. Our aim is to contribute to the creation of student groups that produce science and knowledge and come up with new syntheses that use knowledge in the most efficient way.